Fresh treats from psychedelic oven

The Sadies – Colder Streams

The Sadies, a rock’n’roll / country / psychedelic band from Canada, has evaded me despite they published their first record as early as 1998. Their discography is so vast I haven’t looked into it properly yet, but Colder Streams, published on July, has some great tunes and songs in it. This excitement comes with a tragic sidestory: the band’s front man, Dallas Good, died unexpectedly earlier this year. If you want to learn more of the man and his band, check this tribute video from CBC Music.

All Them Witches – Acid Face
This 18-minute music video is all about instrumental, robust psychedelic rock, do check it out (may make you lose your sense of time).

Gothenburg Symphony – Kosmische musik
Symphony orchestra playing krautrock classics from NEU!, Kraftwerk, Can and others? Sure, and the compositions definitely work, especially since the orchestra is featured by Swedish neo-psychedelic musician Fontän whom we’ve picked to our lists previously as well. The concert in Finnish National Broadcast Yle is only available in Finland.

Copyright: Ylen Kuvapalvelu

Ghost Funk Orchestra – Night Walker / Death Waltz

Ghost Funk Orchestra repressed their first two EP’s in a single delicious LP. If you are friend of fuzzy, psychedelic soul, you should definitely have a go

Sounds Of Lecak Vol.1

Catchy and groovy vintage-sounding new Singaporean tunes by Kribo records. First time encountering the label. Try for instance sweaty Hek Sib Gau by Geylang Electric Phin Band (playing on Youtube teaser below) or Luna by Hong Chungao Street Band while cruising in the darkening but still warm summer nights. (Bandcamp)

Molly Lewis – Miracle Fruit

Los-Angeles-based whistler (yes, whistler) Molly Lewis’ new exotica single from an upcoming Mirage album is an absolute addition to all psychedelic nap playlists. Hashtag island vibes. Props for well-made tounge-in-cheek music video as well.

Thanks for reading! If you’re into this kind of weirdness, remember to check out our four Spotify Playlists.

Article image: Ghost Funk Orchestra

Album shoutout: Astral Magic – Magical Kingdom (2022)

Astral Magic is a project from our friend and fellow Finnish psych enthusiast Santtu / DJ Astro. He has published quite a bit of psych/space rock/prog music, and according to the man himself, the new album Magical Kingdom (published soon by Tonzonen Records) may just be his best yet.
So if you’re into that kind of spacey prog-psych (there’s a reason you’ve found your way here, though), do check out the music video and singles!
Also, you can check Santtu’s great blog here.

Astral Magic – Magical Kingdom (Tonzonen Records)
Limited edition of 500 copies on yellow/white splatter vinyl

Here’s what Santtu himself said about making of the album:
Magical Kingdom is the 20th album of Astral Magic if you also count the compilations. And there are also a few EP’s in addition to that. All this is just little over two years! This album can be considered as the first psychedelic, spacey PROG rock album of Astral Magic.

As always, music just materializes out of thin air without much consideration and I later choose which tracks fit together and form an album. Some of the songs date back to the early phase in Spring/Summer 2020, some were finished at the end of 2021. As always, I lay down the foundations at my home studio, and suitable guests from all over the world are invited to record their tracks later. This time we have guest musicians from US (Jay Tausig: drums, guitar, saxophone, flute, Gregory Curvey: guitar, Anton Barbeau: guitar), UK (Peter Bingham: guitar) and Finland (Markku Helin: guitar, Perttu Lindberg: drums).
After I put everything together and mixed the album, krautrock legend Eroc was chosen to be the mastering engineer. A Finnish psychedelic painter Vesa Peltonen kindly offered one of his paintings for cover art.

The whole idea behind this album, or how it happened to come into existence, is to be able to escape one’s everyday life into a mystical, magical kingdom in your mind. That’s a place where everything is possible, a whole different dimension to humanity. There are also some words of wisdom and even warning, songs about spiritual growth and ecological awakening. We are all one and we cannot survive without each other and our wonderful nature that gives us life and everything we need. We should all live in peace and love and respect each other and our Universe. It is all intertwined into an album called Magical Kingdom.
Check it out, live it up!”

Music video picks: Kikagaku Moyo, Crows, Ashinoa & Mildlife

Main image is a screenshot taken from Kikagaku Moyo’s Cardboard Pile video, directed by Katsushika Shusshin.

Kikagaku Moyo – Kumoyo Island

A Japanese group’s possibly the last album ever ”Kumoyo Island” will be released in May. Two songs with crazy illustrated music videos are out already. Especially the immediately catchy ”Cardboard Pile” raises expectations high for the upcoming LP.

Crows – Garden of England

London-based Crows published their second album and the single ”Garden of England” is a fiery piece of Brexit / Covid era psych-post-punk.

Ashinoa – Koalibi

The French Ashinoa, similarly signed and published by Fuzz Club, is one of Mertsi’s early year favourites. Do check out their album ”L’Orée”, it’s fruity.

Mildlife – Live from South Channel Island

A year ago, Australian Mildlife recorded session in a small artificial island South Channel Fort. Now this whole session, live versions of pre-released material, is on Youtube, as well as on vinyl. Mildlife sound is somewhat combination of jazz-funk, disco and psychedelia. A tip for the busy ones: in 15:45, a bit slower song ”Im Blau” with exciting rhythm and bass.

Psychedelic picks of 2021

Hi all,
this time we won’t list ”best” psychedelic albums or singles – instead, here’s a hand-picked collection of fine and interesting music recommendations without any grades or positions.
Hope you enjoy these mind-expanding beauties as we have done – and, let’s hope for a good and better year 2022.
//Mertsi & Leo

Great psychedelic music in 2021

Acid Dad – Take It From the Dead
There’s a feelgood factor to Acid Dad’s music. Their music videos are a shamelessly great burst of tongue-in-cheek psych clichés with your retro colors and over-the-top green screen effects, and their invigorating psychedelic rock sounds good and fresh.

Acid Rooster – Irrlichter
You simply can’t have too many bands named ”Acid [Something]”, can you? Irrlichter by the Leipzig trio Acid Rooster is an instrumental four-song psych platter full of cosmische delicacies.

Jane Weaver – Flock
It’s once again a groovy, stylish, energetic and glittery psychedelic pop album by the lovely Jane Weaver.

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – Butterfly 3000
What would my lists be without good old King Gizz? But seriously, they just keep finding new colors and new influences, to produce (quite literally) tons of exiting music. While I personally wasn’t the most fanatic fan of their K.G. (2020) and L.W (2021) duology, I found Butterfly 3000 very organic, adventurous and catchy. It’s filled with synth programming and MIDI sequences (just listen to 2.02 Killer Year and tell me those synths don’t give you goosebumps), differing from most of their previous work, and they have one again put effort and creativity in the album’s vinyl pressing and distribution.

Mt. Mountain – Centre
One more band that has featured in our lists more than once, the Australian group Mt. Mountain crafted yet another smoothly hypnotic, aesthetically powerful psychedelic album in Centre. I love Mt. Mountain’s style, listening to them is like lying on a velvet blanket under a tree and watching leaves dance in the sky.

Hilary Woods – Feral Hymns
Genre-wise, Feral Hymns by Hilary Woods probably slots more to an ambient/drone departement, but let’s not let dull genre limitations play any role here. Feral Hymns is a powerful album that builds an atmosphere of something dark and primal like nothing I’ve heard in a while. As the artist herself puts it: ”A collection of hymns set at dusk. Speckled memory, dust, earth, grit, ritual and chant – purged in the shadows.”

Mdou Moctar – Afrique Victime
If you’re into Tuaregi blues sounds like Tinariwen, you’ll surely enjoy this flowing, balanced and rich-in-sound new album by the Niger-based Mdou Moctar. It has a lovely beat to it and the Tuaregi instruments form a perfect alliance with psychedelic guitar sounds.

Naxatras – Journey to Narahmon
If you’re into space rock with trippy neo-psychedelic influences, Greece’s own Naxatras is worth checking out. Their new album ”IV” is out on February and the banger psych-prog-spacerock single Journey to Narahmon implies it’s going to be a powerful one.

OSees – Chem Farmer / Nite Expo (LEVITATION sessions)
I haven’t listened to that much of Oh Sees (or any of its aliases), but this piece from Levitation Live Sessions is just so packed with punk rock / psychedelic garage energy, so masterfully mixed that I can’t get enough of it. Those two drum sets, phew.

Bonus pick: Frekvenssi
Cross-country skiing under warm Spring sun with headphones playing well-hosted radio show about experimental music. What could be a better combination? Frekvenssi, launched in 2021 on Finnish National Broadcast Yle, explores ”experimental” in music from different genres. Frekvenssi also covers live music events, and one episode was dedicated to Le Guess Who? 2021 festival in the Netherlands. Listening to it raised a great deal of enthusiasm to be there and cycle back-and-forth different festival venues with endless amount of cool gigs.

Frekvenssi on Yle Areena (Hosted in Finnish, but playlist included in show description.)

Main picture: Mdou Moctar

More psych you need to hear

Hello guys,
hope you enjoy these new pickings from my digital music discovery travels, if you will. Not that this hasn’t been great time for vinyls as well, I personally can’t wait to aim for some DJ stuff with all the beautiful new records I’ve burnt money in during this cursed lockdown.
But enough of that, hope you enjoy some new stuff and some new stuff that’s only new for me. Stay healthy, stay lovely.
Pic: Rostro del Sol

Rostro del Sol – Rostro del Sol

Wow. This is just sick. This group from Mexico City made their debut album in honor to Jazz, Blues, Prog, Funk and Psych from the 60’s and 70’s. If you love some old school progressive jamming, Rostro del Sol is a must-listen! That harmonica part from Bop C Sketches… It was as if another sun had sprung to the sky outside my window.

Black Sky Giant – Planet Terror

We travel south from Mexico, all the way to Argentina, and find a psych/stoner band that the genre’s friend ought to check out. Black Sky Giant is a new band for me. but this group from Rosario definitely knows their stoner!

Robert Leiner – Dromomania

This album published by Höga Nords is from 2015 and I run into it at their sales campaign. I just missed the last copies of the LP which I would have loved to have for this beast of an opening track alone. It’s a six minute brain-melter!

Lumerians – Transmission Overture (Fuzz Club Session)

Transmalinnia by Lumerians (2011) for me is one of the best neo-psychedelic albums of all times, and ever since finding it I’ve followed this LA group. The band now had a live session for Fuzz Club who also published the songs in vinyl. Transmission Overture is a hypnotic example of actually rather simple patterns forming a sound vortex where you afterwards realize to have sunken into. I love that meditative bass line. If you enjoy this, go check out their other LPs.

La Morte Viene Dallo Spazio – Cursed Invader

We’ll wrap with Italian psychedelic band La Morte Viene Dallo Spazio, named after an old Italian film. This band I probably would never have listened to otherwise is being published here in Finland by the almighty Svart Records. Their upcoming LP is up for preorders: