Kolmas korva Mixtape #6: The Red Desert



OM – Addis
Black Lizard – Boundaries
The Phantom Four – Il Deserto Rosso
Goat – Goatlord
Polska Radio One – Morosim (2c–P Dub)
Mt. Mountain – Floating Eyes
Pyramidal – Motormind

Let the sand of the red desert fly to your ears! This 38 minute mixtape burns your skin and presents sounds of dry dune tornados and fruity mirages covered with a fistful of mystique vocals.

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📷 Pete Mondrian: Dune IV

Kolmas Korva Mixtape #5: Covered By Forest



Angelo Badalamenti explains how he wrote “Laura Palmer’s Theme
The Caretaker – All that follows is true
Hexvessel – Letter in Birch Bark
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Mild High Club – Sketches of Brunswick East II
Yussef Kamaal – Yo Chavez
Misel Quitno – A Fancy Friendship
JuJu – Dance With the Fish
Christian Bland and the Revelators – Sounds Like 69
Kikagaku Moyo – Kodama
White Hills – Importance 101
somesurprises – mayor skipped town / srs drms

This tape combines sounds of psychedelia, ambient and jazz to create an atmosphere of an old and forgotten yet magically warm cottage in the middle of deep woods. Let your imagination take a path to a snowy pine forest, which is adventurous, beautiful and intimidating.

Photo by Artyom Pankov, go check Artyom’s Instagram for some great pictures.

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Kolmas korva Mixtape #4: On a Clear Day


Dean Blunt – Seven Seals of Affirmation
The Peddlers- On A Clear Day You Can See Forever
Klaus Johann Grobe – Gedicht
Ultra Satan – Usb
The Black Angels – Phosphene Dream
McDonald and Giles – Birdman Flies!
The Soundcarriers – Volcano
Faust – Birds of Texas
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – Float Along – Fill Your Lungs

Inspired by the seas and their elemental vastness, this psychedelic journey starts from a mellow harbor and sails up to meet the open horizon. Sea is feared and respected, but this time it shows its sunny and secure side.

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Kolmas korva Mixtape #3: Hazard Trip




1. Pekka Streng – Olen väsynyt
2. The Lay Llamas – Ancient People of the Stars
3. Lumerians – Burning Mirrors
4. The Cult of Dom Keller – Astrum Argenteum
5. The Growlers – Tijuana
6. Centralstodet – IE
7. The Gaslamp Killer – Father
8. Dead Skeletons – Gods DMT 13 (FIÐRILDI)

Some nights, floating to REM sleep is risky. Images you see are far from gentle and fluffy. This half an hour mix is for those stormy small hours.


Cover is a caption from the movie Lost Highway by David Lynch.

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Kolmas korva Mixtape #2: Down the Psychedelic Stream



1. Alexi Murdoch – Home
2. Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation – Sister Green Eyes
3. Allah-Las – Autumn Dawn
4. Dead Ghosts – Summer with Phil
5. King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – The River
6. The Growlers – Row
7. The 13th Floor Elevators – May the Circle Remain Unbroken

This month’s psychedelic mix is out! Take a river trip of hypnotic psychedelia and gentle vintage sounds.

Cover photo: At Work by Ion Chibzii

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