Fresh treats from psychedelic oven

The Sadies – Colder Streams

The Sadies, a rock’n’roll / country / psychedelic band from Canada, has evaded me despite they published their first record as early as 1998. Their discography is so vast I haven’t looked into it properly yet, but Colder Streams, published on July, has some great tunes and songs in it. This excitement comes with a tragic sidestory: the band’s front man, Dallas Good, died unexpectedly earlier this year. If you want to learn more of the man and his band, check this tribute video from CBC Music.

All Them Witches – Acid Face
This 18-minute music video is all about instrumental, robust psychedelic rock, do check it out (may make you lose your sense of time).

Gothenburg Symphony – Kosmische musik
Symphony orchestra playing krautrock classics from NEU!, Kraftwerk, Can and others? Sure, and the compositions definitely work, especially since the orchestra is featured by Swedish neo-psychedelic musician Fontän whom we’ve picked to our lists previously as well. The concert in Finnish National Broadcast Yle is only available in Finland.

Copyright: Ylen Kuvapalvelu

Ghost Funk Orchestra – Night Walker / Death Waltz

Ghost Funk Orchestra repressed their first two EP’s in a single delicious LP. If you are friend of fuzzy, psychedelic soul, you should definitely have a go

Sounds Of Lecak Vol.1

Catchy and groovy vintage-sounding new Singaporean tunes by Kribo records. First time encountering the label. Try for instance sweaty Hek Sib Gau by Geylang Electric Phin Band (playing on Youtube teaser below) or Luna by Hong Chungao Street Band while cruising in the darkening but still warm summer nights. (Bandcamp)

Molly Lewis – Miracle Fruit

Los-Angeles-based whistler (yes, whistler) Molly Lewis’ new exotica single from an upcoming Mirage album is an absolute addition to all psychedelic nap playlists. Hashtag island vibes. Props for well-made tounge-in-cheek music video as well.

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Article image: Ghost Funk Orchestra