Dear followers, here’s another bunch of new great psychedelic rock music that we’ve add to our FRESH PSYCHEDELIA Spotify Playlist. It includes songs from RF Shannon (one of Mertsi’s new favourites), Swedish Medistation (which is a side project for The Orange Revival’s Eric Strand), Ukrainian psych prog rockers Love’n’Joy, Sweden’s grand old man Ebbot LundbergMIENNest Egg (of whose great new album we’ll cover in a review as soon as the LP arrives), and White Manna.

FRESH PSYCHEDELIA playlist will soon hit 100 tracks, and we’ll start to remove ”surplus” songs starting from the oldest ones. That way the listeners can count on the music’s freshness. (Fun detail, the first added songs to the playlist date precisely to a year ago. The time flies and what not.) Make sure to add your favorites to your own playlists before they go!
Again, thanks for your support. Let’s enjoy the music.

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