Kolmas korva mixtape #9: Afternoon trip to Delta Aquarii

Our ninth mixtape is a fuzzy cosmic/kraut/psychedelic collection of new and older music, taking you on a imaginative space voyage to a very faraway place. Don’t worry about the way back, our next mixtape will about The Return.

Our Solar System –
En Bit Av Det Tredje Klotet
dreamweapon – Monte da Virgem
The Heliocentrics – The Uncertainty Principle
Electric Wizard – Mountains of Mars
Fuzz – Earthen Gate
Rättö & Lehtisalo – Lentävä sateenvarjo
E-Musikgruppe Lux Ohr – Jenseits Der Mauer Des Schlafes


New psych videos: MIEN, Dreamweapon, Holy Wave & More

A cosmic deep-focus monolith from Dreamweapon

The Portuguese band’s upcoming album Sol is worth waiting for, according to this music video.




Much-hyped MIEN shows their quality

MIEN is sort of a “super group” as it comprises of The Black Angels’ Alex Maas, The Horrors’ Tom Furse, Elephant Stone’s Rishi Dhir and The Earlies’ John-Mark Lapham. Very promising single with a cool video.


Hookworm takes a break from “Pumped up exercise rock”

The third music video from the new Hookworms LP Microshift calms down from the previous ones. Learn more about the band from our Hookworms interview.



Psychedelic color flow from Pretty Lightning

It’s a colorful video to a rhythmic Pretty Lightning track Tangerine Stream. A classic psych visualization feels like a nice little variation from the many text videos out there..

Holy Wave on the road again

The Texan group Holy Wave announced a new album due this March. Their new music video is a gloomy one, but it has some nice sounds.

A dazing psych-etno-overdoze from JuJu and Goat percussionist Capra Informis

Seven minutes of relentless stream of psychedelic consciousness is for me on a brink for being too much for one video, but have a go at the new JuJu video and decide for yourself!