KOLMAS KORVA playlists: Spring 2023 updates

Hey all!
We thought to sum up all the bands and artists we’ve been adding to our four Spotify Playlists during 2023. Enjoy the music, enjoy the sun.
//Mertsi & Leo

FRESH PSYCHEDELIA (100 picks of new interesting psych):
Maa Ilmasta & Timo Kämäräinen, Mirror Revelations, Bong Wish, Julie’s Haircut, Astral Magic, Minami Deutsch, DAIISTAR, Las Visiones, Polymoon, Vinyl Williams, Night Beats, Dommengang, Moonwalks, Nice Biscuit, The Black Delta Movement, Mount Hush, The Lazy Eyes, SQÜRL, Shadow Show, Albinö Rhino, GÅS, Throw Down Bones, Moonwalks, Heikki Hakkarainen, Gnoomes, Black Helium, Al Lover & The KVB, People Taking Pictures, Gnoomes, Pekka Laine, Helicon, Thomas Greenwood, Reverse Death, Golden Hours, Smote, White Canyon & The 5th Dimension, The Exorsist GBG.

PSYCHEDELIC TIME TRAVEL (psych classics from the 1960’s & 70’s):
The Open Mind, Kristian, Dakila, Kevin Ayers.

COSMIC CREATIVE (for enhancing your focus):
NEU!, Stiletti-Ana, Datasal, Pye Corner Audio, Death Hawks, Autarkic, The Exorcist GBG, Gnoomes, Black Helium, GÅS, Throw Down Bones, Minami Deutsch.

(psychedelia for dim-light atmosphere):
Daisy Rickman, Cult of Dom Keller, Ultimate Spinach, Menk, Reverse Death, Uniting of Opposites, Gabrielle Roth & The Mirros, Throw Down Bones, GÅS, Julie’s Haircut,

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Spring has mostly been bright and beautiful in Finland, and inspiring neo-psychedelic rock is the way to celebrate it. So much new music!

Our latest picks to FRESH PSYCHEDELIA Spotify Playlist, the constantly updating list of 100 latest great psych songs, include bands like Garcia Peoples, Cosmonauts, The Murlocs, Domboshawa, Steeple Remove, Janne Westerlund, FEWS, HOTT MT, TAU, Vanishing Twin, Tähtiportti, Death Hawks, Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation, K-X-P & Pekko Käppi, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Dream Syndicate, Hurricane Heart Attacks, Paisiel, Gnoomes, Derya Yildirim + Grup Şimşek, Kap Kap, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Stonefield, Jacco Gardner, Centrum, Rudolf Abramov, Green Seagull and Death and Vanilla.

Pic: K-X-P

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Henkilön Höga Nord Rekords kuva.Copyright: Höga Nord Music


Dear followers,
we’ve both been a bit busy with all sorts of odds and ends, but collecting new music never stops. So this is a perfect moment to embrace new psychedelic music in form of our FRESH PSYCHEDELIA Spotify playlist.

Enjoy new music from Finland’s own neo psych kings Death Hawks, the magnificent Wooden Shjips who are finally back with a new album, Druk 11000, Desert Mountain Tribe and Najma Akhtar (don’t you just love when bands succeed in combining Indian influences with western psych rock?), GoatThe Asteroid #4The Babe Rainbow from Australia, Finnish prog-rockers SammalGulp and Mertsi’s band crush Love’n’joy.
Thanks for all the music you’ve sent us during spring, keep it coming, we love to hear it.


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4.4. Indie folk-rock ja psykedeelinen ilta, Bar Loose
13.4. The Courettes, Garageland
13.4. Jess and The Ancient Ones, Bar Loose
20.-22.4. Kontula Electronic, Kontulan ostari
21.4. Circle ja Death Hawks, TAVASTIA-klubi
24.4. Eyehategod, Kuudes Linja