Huhtikuun keikkoja Helsingissä

Festarikausi lähestyy, joten keväinen keikkalistakin on viime kuutta pienempi. Hihkaise puuttuvista iltamista Facebookissa, mailitse tai jutun kommenteissa!

4.4. Indie folk-rock ja psykedeelinen ilta, Bar Loose
13.4. The Courettes, Garageland
13.4. Jess and The Ancient Ones, Bar Loose
20.-22.4. Kontula Electronic, Kontulan ostari
21.4. Circle ja Death Hawks, TAVASTIA-klubi
24.4. Eyehategod, Kuudes Linja



A few weeks have passed since the latest update to Kolmas Korva Spotify playlist FRESH PSYCHEDELIA ‘17, and some very special psych songs have been released since.
Latest additions to the playlist include trippy quality songs from the ever great Moon Duo, Boston based Magic Shoppe’s latest EP High Goodbye, two lengthy beauties from Electric Moon’s new album and some Finnish music by the amazing Mikko Joensuu and Circle.

Subscribe to the playlist and enjoy psychedelic treasures while they are still hot from traveling through the atmosphere!