Album shoutout: Astral Magic – Magical Kingdom (2022)

Astral Magic is a project from our friend and fellow Finnish psych enthusiast Santtu / DJ Astro. He has published quite a bit of psych/space rock/prog music, and according to the man himself, the new album Magical Kingdom (published soon by Tonzonen Records) may just be his best yet.
So if you’re into that kind of spacey prog-psych (there’s a reason you’ve found your way here, though), do check out the music video and singles!
Also, you can check Santtu’s great blog here.

Astral Magic – Magical Kingdom (Tonzonen Records)
Limited edition of 500 copies on yellow/white splatter vinyl

Here’s what Santtu himself said about making of the album:
Magical Kingdom is the 20th album of Astral Magic if you also count the compilations. And there are also a few EP’s in addition to that. All this is just little over two years! This album can be considered as the first psychedelic, spacey PROG rock album of Astral Magic.

As always, music just materializes out of thin air without much consideration and I later choose which tracks fit together and form an album. Some of the songs date back to the early phase in Spring/Summer 2020, some were finished at the end of 2021. As always, I lay down the foundations at my home studio, and suitable guests from all over the world are invited to record their tracks later. This time we have guest musicians from US (Jay Tausig: drums, guitar, saxophone, flute, Gregory Curvey: guitar, Anton Barbeau: guitar), UK (Peter Bingham: guitar) and Finland (Markku Helin: guitar, Perttu Lindberg: drums).
After I put everything together and mixed the album, krautrock legend Eroc was chosen to be the mastering engineer. A Finnish psychedelic painter Vesa Peltonen kindly offered one of his paintings for cover art.

The whole idea behind this album, or how it happened to come into existence, is to be able to escape one’s everyday life into a mystical, magical kingdom in your mind. That’s a place where everything is possible, a whole different dimension to humanity. There are also some words of wisdom and even warning, songs about spiritual growth and ecological awakening. We are all one and we cannot survive without each other and our wonderful nature that gives us life and everything we need. We should all live in peace and love and respect each other and our Universe. It is all intertwined into an album called Magical Kingdom.
Check it out, live it up!”

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