New psych albums you need to hear

Hi all. Sorry for not posting for a while. I would normally insert the usual ”been doing this, been doing that” babble here but even for once that would be an understatement as I now have a 6-month old baby girl. In any case, I thought I’d share some psychedelic picks from recent weeks and months. Enjoy!


Garcia Peoples – Nightcap at Wits’ End

This is the finest album yet from the New Jersey group. It ventures from jamming rock’n’roll to progressive and even space rock – Altered Place reminds me of British folk rock of the 1970’s. Crown of Thought is a lovely track: it has that sort of jamming, changes of pace and bursting solo parts that make you nod without realizing it yourself.

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – K.G.

The kings are back. They recently published a live LP and two digital albums, of which K.G. is my favourite. Some nice tunes here!

The Vacant Lots – Interzone

For me, Interzone by Vacant Lots must be one of the most coherent psych albums of the year. It’s a delicious mixture of synth pop, post-punk, disco and krautrock – it’s like getting hypnotized at a night club dance floor. No wonder Interzone was published by the all-mighty Fuzz Club.

Dark Buddha Rising – Mathreyata

I’m really glad to see Dark Buddha Rising is starting to get the praise it deserves from psych heads outside Finland as well. Finnish “Dark underlords of psychedelic drone” are here with their 7th album and it’s a powerful one. Take Uni (Finnish word for a dream) for example: it’s like a tentaculed monster drags you to black abyss of a freezing sea but when you catch your breath, you realize that you can breath underwater, and with guidance octopus-like abomination, you now effortlessly discover secrets and beasts of the depths, depths that you just moment ago thought were horrendous but now find their ancient beauty.

For all you garage freaks: Bones Shake

Now I know many of you are space heads and not really into garage / rock’n’roll sort of stuff, but I just love the fuzzy energy of this Manchester group. I hope my destiny is one day to hold an Unwell 7” in my grasp and play it from my DJ booth around 1AM.

Picture of Dark Buddha Rising: Maija Ajomo

Still thirsty for great new psychedelic rock music? Follow our FRESH PSYCHEDELIA Spotify Playlist to hear music that’s still hot from traveling the atmosphere!


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