PSYCHEDELIC TIME TRAVEL: well-aged psych oldies from the past

While we usually trace new psychedelic music, we also want to bring out interesting old music that has inspired contemporary artists. It is a pleasure to tell that our fourth Spotify playlist PSYCHEDELIC TIME TRAVEL focuses exclusively on digging up well-aged tracks from the past.

The list is continuous. At first, it contains ten songs, LP-length of music, mostly from the late-60s. We sort the list manually by release year, so if you want to see the chronological order of the songs, keep the list in default order. Hope you like it!

Here are three picks from the list by Leo:

The Animated Egg – Sock it my Way
Instrumental with heavy guitar and groovy drums from this studio band that only recorded one album released in 1969.

The Cyrkle – The Visit (She Was Here)
”About as close to perfect as a psychedelic pop song from 1967 gets. Simply beautiful.” I can agree with that Discogs comment.

Bongwater – The Drum
I highly recommend to familiarize yourself with this weird New York duo that was active from the late-80s ’til early-90s.

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Band in main photo is Bongwater


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