Summer’s almost gone…

As if to finish the summer with a bang, many bands have published so much good music that it truly takes all three ears to listen to it all.
Enjoy amazing fresh psychedelic rock from a very international lot: the Mexican Exploded View, Swedish bands Ultra Satan and Sudakistan, Californian Send Medicine and Mystic Braves, Finland’s very own Jukka Nousiainen and Warp Transmission, Norwegian Bjørn Torske, Arizonan The Myrrors, Holydrug Couple from Chile and finally The Limiñanas from France, whom we get to see this weekend in Eindhoven Psych Lab.
What a global family the psych community is. And I’m definitely not saying this only because of strong pain killers I took to my hurting leg. //Mertsi
Pictured: Send Medicine

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