New videos: Lamagaia, The Murlocs & more

Saccades – Distant Sea 
(Fuzz Club)

Saccades is a solo project of Berlin-based Nicholas Wood who is familiar to Finnish audience from The KVB, a post-punk/dark wave duo who performed in Hori Smoku Festival 2015 in Helsinki. In Saccades, Wood has turned to more light, smooth and mellow psychedelic pop sound, which sounds very promising.

Holy Wave – Buddhist Pete
(Live from Fuzz Club Sessions)

Known from its rich, melodic and sometimes melancholic sounds, Holy Wave from Austin is the latest band to enter Fuzz Club label’s studios for some video sessions. Enjoy Buddhist Pete, a six-minute mini space trip on a kraut rocket.

The Murlocs – Snake In The Grass

Enjoy some bluesy garage rock from Melbourne, Australia.

Lamagaia – Aurora
(Cardinal Fuzz/Sunrise Ocean Bender)

This video was actually published already in May but it should be new for you unless you’re one of the 196 people who have watched it!
This song by one of Sweden’s most exiting psych bands is quite a trippy experience in both its visual and auditory presence… Sink into Swedish psychedelic overload.


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